Our Portfolio

Node Ventures was the perfect partner for our bridge round. They brought marketing experience and strategic investors to our cap table and used their Preferred Partner status on Facebook, Google, and TikTok to ensure compliance with convoluted ad policies and push our campaigns live. Node got us access to campaign structures on Google that massively scaled our Youtube efforts. They also got us a partnership meeting with the CEO of a major national delivery service worth over $40b.

@Sami - Cofounder & CEO
@Ryan - CEO
@Ryan - CEO

After Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) changes, Alex met with us face-to-face to help resolve our digital marketing tracking issues. His team is deeply connected in the gaming and crypto space and have been incredibly helpful getting our campaigns on the right track.

@Nick - Cofounder & CEO/CTO

The Node Ventures team helped us get our ads approved on Facebook, unlocking a major digital channel that was historically blocked for our category of app. We trust Node’s experience on the marketing front and are excited to grow next to them as strategic partners.

@Tushar - Cofounder

We evaluated several companies when looking for our marketing partner. The expertise at Node helped us achieve marketing spend profitability after just weeks when others had months to try. Node Ventures has been instrumental in helping us preserve more company equity with a direct investment, buying us time to build our valuation ahead of a future raise as we continue our marketing partnership together.

@Ryan - Cofounder/CEO

Node Ventures introduced us to contacts at an NFL team, the University of Miami, Comcast, and an esports organization to pursue new business and co-branding partnerships. We were surprised by the level of strategic access they have achieved.

I'm so glad we discovered Node Ventures. After they rounded out our Series A, Node helped us identify key areas to focus our digital marketing efforts.

@Ryan - CEO