Our Portfolio

Atlas Reality is a unique metaverse app that combines travel, digital land ownership, and retail offers for its users.
ByteBrew is a free, all-in-one mobile game analytics platform that gives game developers everything they need to grow.
Grin Gaming leverages data and machine learning to enable live, real-time sports wagers and prop bets.
Lightfox Games is a mobile game studio that combines fast-paced action and quick rounds to build fun and engaging games.

Simple Skiff (Ohza) partners with celebrities to create great-tasting, refreshing ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

Pathwater is a leading sustainability brand that sells premium aluminum  water bottles made for re-use, with a mission of eliminating single-use plastic bottles.
Reel uses sustainable resources to offer high-quality, climate-friendly kitchen and bathroom paper products.
Vola is a fintech app that helps users take control of their finances,  offering no-interest cash advances and credit building services.